List of Youngest IT experts in Pakistan

As we all know that the IT is one of the most common field in Pakistan but it is not that easy but still there are some genius youngsters of Pakistan who are now the Youngest IT experts in Pakistan and making their place by putting new ideas to this field. These youngsters are putting forward their extreme experience and personal introduction to the world due to which they are now considered to be the world’s youngest IT experts from Pakistan. No doubt IT is one of the most tough professions in the world but still there are some genius and hardworking teenagers who are more expert than the highly qualified IT professionals. They have the extra ordinary abilities and have invented something due to which they are considered to be in the list of youngest IT experts in Pakistan.

Youngest IT experts in pakistan


Babar Iqbal

Babar iqbal is one of the genius and youngest IT experts in Pakistan where he is only 15 years old. Babar iqbal started programming at the age of 5 and became the XNA game developer, Microsoft surface developer, Microsoft Certified professional, youngest certified internet web professional at the age of 9. At the age of 9 he also became the youngest certified wireless network administrator and Microsoft student partner. At the age of 12 he became Microsoft certified technology specialist. Working with Microsoft is not an easy job but at very young age Babar got an opportunity to work with Microsoft as a technical coordinator. Babar is currently living in United Arab Emirates and is helping the students of universities in United Arab Emirates in the IT field. Besides from that he is also working on the latest Microsoft technology. In 2009 a genius Babar irfan was awarded by the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, interior minister and national assembly and made the nation of Pakistan proud.

youngest IT expert in pakistan

Arfa Karim Randhawa

Arfa Karim Randhawa was one of the most talented, genius and youngest IT experts in Pakistan. She started working in IT field at the age of 6 and at the age of 9 years she became the Microsoft certified professional. She also became the brand ambassador of PTCL EVO. At very young age she was also invited by Bill Gates for the visit of Microsoft headquarters in USA. she was also a certified Microsoft application developer and after some time she also decided to become a certified Microsoft solution developer which includes programs into broader system. Using c# programming language she holds MPC in windows programming.

youngest IT expert in pakistan

After making the nation of Pakistan proud Arfa Karim Randhawa passed away and after her death the whole nation was in deep sorrow.

Umema Adil

Umema Adil a 13 years old girl from Karachi is one of the genius and youngest IT experts in Pakistan. The youngest Umema Adil  is a Microsoft certified professional, besides from that Umema Adil has also the skill of blogging. The 13 years old girl also gives lectures that are related to entrepreneurship and blogging to the people and building career of her own. She is also very good in naat recitation and till now she won 60 certificates and shields for her best naat recitation in naat competitions. She is also expert in web development. Umema Adil is a girl that a whole nation should be proud of her.


Sikander Mehmood Baloch

Sikander memood baloch is a student of 9th standard and is one of the youngest IT experts in Pakistan. Sikander mehmood baloch is an expert of 107 computing languages and is awarded by dozens of certificates for his work in IT which include certificates from Microsoft, Adobe and google. He is also working on 15 other new languages where he has also designed 122 softwares which includes 7 linux operating systems. His extra ordinary work has developed the international technology and he holds the record of youngest person to create an operating system.


Hamza Shehzad

Hamza shehzad is a 6 years old Pakistani who passed the Microsoft specialist exam and became the Microsoft certified professional. He also became one of the youngest IT experts in Pakistan where becoming a Microsoft certified professional requires 700 points and a 6 years old Hamza Shehzad scored 757 points in the exam. This exam is actually for adults which is always taken in at the Microsoft institute of London. Hamza Shehzad moved to UK in 2011 where he is basically from Lahore. Hamza shehzad is a gamer but just like other IT experts he is not just a gamer he spends most of his time with his computer to learn more about IT. He has the necessary skills and he is now also familiar with windows operating system.

Youngest IT expert in pakistan


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