The Pioneers of Pakistani Pop music Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan

Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan were a Pakistani pop group with melodious voices. Which was formed in Karachi in 1980. This pop group consisted of two siblings Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan which were collectively known as “The Hassans”. Nazai Hassan and Zohaib Hassan were a pop icon not only in Pakistan but in the whole South Asia. They were the first who introduced pop music in Pakistan and are regarded as pioneers of pop music in Pakistan. They were one of the most successful Pakistani group singers who sold almost 60 million albums worldwide.

Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan

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The group got their fame in 1980 from a featured soundtrack “app jesa koi” from an Indian movie “Qurbani”. This song was later placed in their most famous album “disco deewane” in 1981 it was the best selling album in all over South Asia which was producecd by an Indian producer Biddu. It was the first album which gave a new way to the music of South Asia and changed the trend of music in the whole region. The album was not only fomus in South Asia but also got hit in Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Indonesia.

Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan


Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan released their second album in 1982. The album was named as “Boom Boom” which was also the featured soundtrack for the Indian movie “star”.

After 2 years in 1984 the group recorded their third album “Young Tarang” which got famous in the whole sub continent. And also it was the first album in the whole sub continent which featured it’s music video.

Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan


In 1987 Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan recorded their forth studio album named as “Hotline”. Which featured their younger sister Zahra Hassan. In 1992 Zohaib hassan recorded his first studio album and it was the last fomus studio album for the group which was named as “Camera Camera”.

Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan


Before the reales of their 6th album the group announced that it will be their last album. It recieved an average reaction from the people and didn’t achived the sam fame which was got by the previous releases. After the album was released Nazia Hassan left her music career for the sake of her personal life. Nazai Hassan died in August 2000 from lung cancer. After that Zohaib Hassan went to chase his career as a solo artist and also released his album “Kismat” in 2006. In 2006 he also acted in a Tv drama serial named “Kismat”.



1980 Disco Deewane
1982 Boom Boom
1984 Young Tarang
1987 Hotline
1992 Camera Camera
2006 Kismat




1980 Qurbani
1982 Star
1986 Dilwala
1986 Ilzaam
1986 Main Balwan
1986 Mera Saaya
1987 Sheela
1989 Saaya




1981 Our Love Last Forever
1981 Dreamer Deewane
1982 Nigahon Se Durr
1982 halla gulla
1982 sheela o my sheela
1982 takta munni mana
1982 mein aya tere liye
1982 tonight pyar karo
1988 Then He Kissed Me
1988 Don’t Think Twice
1995 Ankhien Band Karo
2002 Star of Asia
2002 Medlay
2003 Sathi Ray
2003 Khobsorat


12 Things you don’t know about Nazia Hassan

Besides all of the above information the are also a few things about Nazia Hassan which are unkown to the people.

  • Nazia and Zohaib’s duo was one of the most successful duos of that time, they sold over 60 million records all over the world.
  • Nazia and Zoheb
  • She was the youngest and first Pakistani ever to win a Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer. She received this award when she was 15 years old.
  • Nazia Hassan filmfare award
  • Nazia got married to Mirza Ishtiaq Baig on 30th March, 1997.

Nazia Hassan Husband

  • She and Mirza Ishtiaq Baig were blessed with a baby boy on 7 April, 1998. Her son’s name is Arez.
  • Nazia Hassan son
  • Nazia’s height was 5 foot 6 inches, which is approximately 1.68 meters.
  • Her star sign was Aries.
  • She had appeared on several PTV shows as a child artist. She appeared in famous music programs like “Sang Sang Chalein and Kaliyon ki Mala”.
  • Khailyon ka meela Nazia and Zohaib ptv
  • By profession, Nazia was a barrister.She did her LLB from London University.
  • Nazia liked to work as a social worker, she gave her services to United Nations, Department of Political and Security Council Affairs and UNICEF.
  • She spent all the money she earned through music on charity.
  • Nazia was compared with Lady Diana at that that time globally.
  • For Nazia’s great achievements and contributions, Government of Pakistan presented Nadia “Pride of Performance” award which is considered as the highest civil award of Pakistan. The award was handed over to Nazia’s mother “Muniza Basir” by Pervez Musharraf on 23rd March, 2002.
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