Inauguration of Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar | A Gift to the Nation

shaukat Khanum Peshawar

Imran Khan famous as Captain among Pakistanis has gifted his nation with another enormous victory in the shape of a cancer treatment hospital. Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar located at Phase 5, Hayatabad was inaugurated today with a capacity of more than that of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer and Research Centre, Lahore. As it was observed that more than 25% of patients at Shaukat Khanum Lahore are from different areas of KPK. A new branch was to be built and bring to operations for the treatment of cancer patients as only 8000 out of 50000 were treated at Shaukat Khanum Lahore because of the lack of space. Imran Khan and his team made it possible and made Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar 30% bigger than Shaukat Khanum Lahore both in terms of land and the equipment that will be used.

shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer and Reasearch Centre is founded by Imran khan but is funded by donations. It runs on the generosity by the people of Pakistan and others worldwide. There have been a number of telethons on ARY Digital for fundraising of Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar and every time more funds were raised then the required level. This shows the belief of people donating to this organization. Shaukat Khanum Hospital is known to be one of the most transparent organization of Pakistan, its staff is honest to its work and hardworking as well. The level of transparency  and honesty can be seen from the stats that every year approximately 75% patients are treated for free by the donations of people and an average cost for treatment for a single patient is Rs.1 million per month.


Initially, the hospital which is 8 storey will be treating smaller number of patients as there is still work going on inside the hospital. Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar is being furnished and equipment is being installed. After it is fully completed it will be treating 30% more patients than Shaukat Khanum Lahore where the bed strength is 200 and will be raised to 400 over three years period.

An amount of Rs.3 Billion was spent on the construction of hospital which totally was generated from donations of generous people around the world. Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar indeed is of international standards and all the flaws that the Lahore branch faces are taken care of in this design.

shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar

Imran Khan said in his last Telethon at ARY digital that any person can achieve anything once he has it in mind, he said that if you can think of an idea or thing in your mind than it can be implemented as well. He says that he always dreams big but ALLAh helps him complete his dreams and in case of Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar ALLAH and the donators have helped him complete this project and now he and his team is planning another one in Karachi, Pakistan which will be even bigger.

Picture Courtesy: Salman Haider who was at Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar in the Inauguration ceremony.

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