QMobile Linq L15 Specs, Review & Price

Linq L15 QMobile 

The new QMobile Linq L15 is the successor of the previous model QMobile Linq L10 which was launched a few months back. QMobile Linq L15 has been given an updated OS of Android 5.0 (Lollipop) as its predecessor has Android 4.4.2 (KitKat). The amazing thing about this phone is that its price has been kept very low if considering the specs which it has under the hood. If we talk about the overall specs of this bad boy so it packs an 8 MP Auto-focus rear camera which shoots videos at 720p HD and the front camera is a 5 MP shooter. It has a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM which is enough for it to run its daily usage. If we talk about its price so it also has been decreased from Rs.14, 500/- (Linq L10) to Rs.12, 900/- (Linq L15). Here we just discussed the general specs of this phone. Now we will go deep into the detailed review.

alt="QMobile Linq L15"

Display and Design of QMobile Linq L15

QMobile Linq L15 is a new phone and has a new design. The design has been given a smooth touch and the edges have been curved so that the holder could easily use it with ease. It has a 5” HD IPS LCD display which is capable of showing a lot of text on a single screen. The FPS which this phone gives is around 46 FPS which is more than enough for us to play games and to operate the phone. It has an 720p HD screen which gives it an amazing 294 ppi density. The design is a end to end flat shape which makes this phone look slimmer with its bigger screen. It has a multi-touch sensor in its display which is capable of 5 touches simultaneously.

Processor of QMobile Linq L15

Linq L15 is powered by a ARM Cortex-A7 Quad Core 1.3 GHz processor. It is a 32 bit architecture processor which means that though it can do a lot of useful tasks but we do not want to overdo the thing.  The GPU is Mali-400 MP which is the same GPU which is running in Samsung Galaxy S3. The processor is clocked between 598 MHz to 1300 MHz.

Memory of QMobile Linq L15

The memory of Linq L15 is 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM which can also be extended up to 64 GB. This means that you can use the external space to store your music or apps or pictures. The predecessor (Linq L10) just had the capacity of holding a 32 GB SD Card but in the Linq L15 this thing has been upgraded.

Camera of QMobile Linq L15


The camera of QMobile Linq L15 is an amazing and a real look like picture capturing 8 MP camera. It is an Auto Focus camera with an LED flash which takes pictures in a decent quality. The average picture size’s from 2 to 3 MB. The resolution of the camera (3840 x 2160 pixels) which is decent enough that can be used in our daily usage.

alt="QMobile Linq L15"

The selfie camera of Linq L15 is a 5 MP camera that packs the resolution of (2880 x 1728) pixels. The size of the selfie picture also goes up to 2MB depending on the light intensity and the variations of the color.

Network and Connectivity of QMobile Linq L15

QMobile Linq L15 like its predecessor Linq L10 is capable of supporting dual SIM. But the upgrade between the Linq L10 and the Linq L15 is capable of supporting higher bands of 3G which means more fast data services and data transfer.

Battery of QMobile Linq L15

Now to talk about the battery, on the paper it’s written that it has a 2800 mAh but when used so the results were not that amazing. Felt really disappointed with the battery performance. It almost finishes a day with full charge which is not that amazing if you think about the 2800 mAh and the 720p screen.

alt="New QMobile Interface"Interface of QMobile Linq L15

The user interface of Linq L15 is exactly like what the screenshot describes below. The layout has been changed completely and now touch pad and keyboard also makes the difference. The new OS Android 5.0 gives it a lot of new and cool features which gives this phone a profound feel but some QMobile standards have also been followed.

Benchmark Tests of QMobile Linq L15

Benchmark testing is the best way to determine the power of a smartphone and that’s exactly what has been done here. Here the Linq L15 has gone through a few benchmark tests and now we can determine if it is worth it or not.

alt="Performance of QMobile"Antutu’s Benchmark of QMobile Linq L15

Linq L15 is equipped with a 1.3 Quad Core processor and 1GB of RAM. On average a phone of these specs would try to make it around 20,000 points but the Linq L15 scores 17455 points which is also not bad taking in account its processor. But if compared to its predecessor Linq L10 so it has a lead of 2000+ points which is also not bad.

Comparing QMobile Linq L15 to Samsung Galaxy S3

The reason why we compare Linq L15 with Galaxy S3 is because these both phones have almost the same specs. And if you see you will know that in Single Core Processing Linq L15 out runs the Galaxy S3 but when it comes to Multi Processing and Browsing Performance then the Galaxy S3 is way ahead of Linq L15.alt="QMobile Linq L15"

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