Professional Academy of Commerce PAC

The Professional Academy of Commerce PAC well-known educational institute in the field of accountancy and commerce in Pakistan. The college was established 25 years ago and has its branches in three cities of Pakistan and has two in UAE. PAC also have another wing named Ishfaq Publishing Company which is named after the (Late) Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed.

Professional Academy of Commence PAC are committed to do excellent work. The excellent work they do doesn’t stop at the academic performance of the students. PAC believes that the process of nation building requires individuals who think independently, not the people who are followers of mediocrity but the ones who lead. PAC forces and motivates its students to take part in activities and co-curricular activities so that they could develop their personalities to a level where they could be distinguished from the regular. People should be proud of them that they are trying to promote independent thinking while following the curriculum designed by the professional institutes and preparing the students for external examinations in no ordinary feat.

 Each and every campus of Professional Academy of Commerce PAC follows the vision of professional excellence and make an impact in the society in which they exist.

Professional Academy of Commerce PAC

What PAC Does

Professional Academy of Commerce PAC is a name which fulfils its promise, providing quality education and is dedicated to its commitment that today internationally renowned firms and multinational large companies, a large number of qualified students from PAC are serving at main positions. PAC is the only institute in the nation to have a vast network of more than 100 thousand alumni all over the world and today it has embedded its name in the professional circle of accountancy education not just in Pakistan but across some other nations as well.

PAC is an approved institute from the national and international forms.

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), Pakistan
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK
  • An Accredited Tuition Provider of Association of Business Executive (ABE), UK
  • So far Professional Academy of Commerce PAC has achieved a total number of 47 Certificates of Merit, 82 distinctions at national and international levels including 15 Gold Medals.

Professional Academy of Commerce PAC

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PAC Societies

The following societies are run and managed by PAC Organizing committee

Sports Society

The sports society of PAC is one of the leading societies of this institute. It does not only take part in several different tournaments all through the year but also brought home countless trophies.

Professional Academy of Commerce PAC

Debating Society

PAC’s debating society has been all over this year. It participated in several events throughout the year such as the FC College Model United Nations. This society is one of the key societies of this institute.

Arts and Craft Society

The Arts and Craft society allows the student of this institute to show their artistic talents in various forms. This society runs throughout the year by making astonishing charts that grasps the attention of many people and allow PAC to be a vibrant place for students.

Professional Academy of Commerce PAC

Musical Society

The musical society is an energetic society which allows the student body to enjoy the energetic music at several events which take place within the institute.

Photography Club

This has been a new addition to the societies this year and has been one of the most progressive societies, with a lot of students signing up to learn and show their photography skills. This society is responsible to cover all the events that PAC took part in as well as events that take place in PAC.

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Social Welfare Society

This society keeps up to date with day to day and current events and affairs that take place in Pakistan all through the year and thoroughly arranges fund raising campaigns.

Dramatic Society

The Dramatic society of PAC displayed its vast talents throughout the year. On founder’s day the students enacted the play “Social Pagal” and on cultural day they enacted two short plays.

Professional Academy of Commerce PAC

PAC’s mission is to maintain a leadership position in professional education and training sector by providing services to our stakeholders with the highest standards of integrity, quality and efficiency through the generation and assimilation of knowledge.

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