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The content below tells our visitors about all the privacy terms by Our Visitors must be aware of the following terms and should not blame for anything that may happen inside the boundary of our privacy terms.

Personally Provided Information (PPI) is the information that you choose to let us know. It isn’t collected automatically just by visiting our blog. We can only access it if you want. This information is collected by subscribing to our newsletter, commenting or contacting us from our Contact page in the form of your email address, contact number or residential address (if necessary and provided by you).

However, the information you provide is only live until you are in contact with us. After that, it is not maintained. Any sort of your personal information is not shared or sold to a third party except for all authorized law enforcement agencies (in case you are the suspect).

External Refers

You must be aware of privacy policy when you are referred to us from any other online entity by link. We also refer our visitors to other sites for further clarification of some topics and we are NOT AT ALL responsible their content, privacy policy and terms of use.

You must know or read the privacy statement of the site you are referred.


All visitors must also know about the ads serving on We will soon be putting ads on our blog, these advertising companies use cookies on your browser to read your information related to your searches.

As a matter of understanding, Google AdSense which is one of the largest online advertising company uses the DoubleClick DART Cookies. Which drops a cookie to your browser once you click on any content add and then uses it for further convenience of displaying ads elsewhere.

You also can opt out of all this.

Disclaimer puts news and other stories for its visitors and viewers. All the written content provided is original and has its copyrights. If anyone finds it interesting and has to share it further on their site or elsewhere, he/she must mention us as the source.

Further that any news shared may not be totally accurate, but we share it being an emerging blog of Pakistan. Such news can be corrected anytime if we found any mistakes or wrong propagated news.

We may bring changes to this page related to our updates, mostly in the advertising plans.

Updated: 07/02/2016  


Kindly contact us at if you may have any concerns.


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