Your hostel life Companion is another step towards Digital Pakistan

It always is happiness nowadays to see some real helping and supporting startups for the citizens and youth by youth. This “youth by youth” shows the love of a particular category of people towards the rest. Our youth wants to help others, they have this spirit of making the errands of people easy and the way this can be done in today’s world is to digitalize.

Here in Pakistan, it’s happening now. All those who are capable are not leaving their skills rust but they are utilizing it. They have some real amazing ideas in mind and they are smart.

Two of these hard-working and wonderful people are Muqsit Khan Administrator at, winner of two best awards i-e mBillianth Award 2014 India and P@Sha ICT Award 2014 & Babar Khan Akhunzada Co-founder at and an ethical hacker who was recently seen at Startup Istanbul.

After their great achievements and also promoting Pakistan in the online field they now have started


What is Placeme.Pk?

PlaceMe is where students can find hostels and spaces around Pakistan.  Stay in a hostel and see places you never knew existed, with people you’ve just met.  Their website and free app allows you surf a huge list of hostels, rooms or even a bed space across Pakistan.

This is what they tell about their startups,

 “from a chic design hostel in Karachi to a quirky eco-friendly hostel in Abbottabad. No matter where your curiosity takes you next, our hostels put you at the heart of the action at budget prices. The sleek, simple design makes searching on the go a fun and easy experience.”




Why PlaceMe?

Having extensive background in online business and start-ups, they have decided to change the way Pakistanis, especially young students, would travel and book their lodging and accommodation. They are introducing an online startup that would enable Pakistanis, throughout the country, to book a quality and affordable room prior to their travel with the ease of simple click, email or telephone.

They further say

“through our service, you will not only be able to find an independent room but also find people to share room with, with the aim of lowering your rental cost. This makes us a one off service, allowing people to create a “share-base”, not only to share and live in the same room, but also make new friends in the process.  In short, we are providing our users with a life-changing travel experience.”

No doubt, everywhere in the world when a student has to go far from home for his education purpose he has to stay in hostels or rented apartments. In Pakistan, finding a good hostel really is a difficult thing, because most of the universities and colleges have no or low profile hostels. is one good way of finding hostels for yourself and keep yourself free from the tension of roaming around and finding hostels. Because you see all of them together at a place and can also make a booking.

Another good thing they do is that they post articles related to life in hostels and the benefits. Also, you will see tips about living in hostels and optimizing your time for the reasons you are in a hostel.

Team Beyond



Features at a glance

  1. The service is completely free for both host and hostel seeker. They can create FREE lifetime account with 2 steps after verifying email address.
  2. Equipped with interactive google map allows students to reach the exact location in seconds instead of wasting time by asking strangers.
  3. Search with lots of filters like gender, price, date and even types.
  4. Cluster search allows students to check nearest hostel with the help of map and circles.
  5. Amenities, facilities, types and pictures of each hostel in a better way.
  6. Centralized dashboard for modification and deletion of old hostels.
  7. Sleek, simple and responsive layout supports all browser and smartphones.
  8. Android application helps students to connect directly from their phones to
  9. Facebook comments integration for review and opinion.

Altogether, this startup shows us where Pakistan is going in terms of digitalizing because no one would have thought of such a medium of finding places for yourself all over Pakistan.

Now it’s our responsibility to propagate such efforts throughout the students and other citizens. And also take the most out of such facilities.

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