History and Details of Karachi Seaport, Pakistan

Karachi Seaport is one of the oldest, largest and busiest seaports in Pakistan till now, which was started in 1854 during British Rule on the sub-continent and is 161 years old. It’s administration was carried out in the 19th century by the Karachi port trust also it is operated by Karachi port trust and is owned by the ministry of Ports and shipping and government of Pakistan.

Karachi Seaport controls about 60% of the country’s cargo.  The location of Seaport of Karachi is between the Kaemari and Sadder towns of Karachi and is close to several industrial areas and main business district. Through the seaport of Karachi about 98 percent of the country entire trade is conducted and is the hub of economic activities of Pakistan. The seaport of Karachi is developed and modernized than its early stages, the government of Pakistan has spent 5 billion rupees on the modernization of the port.


Facilities of Karachi Seaport

There are two wharves in the Karachi port, each wharf includes the container terminal. One is known as eastern wharf which has 17 vessel berths and the other one is known as the west wharf which has  13 vessel berths. East wharf is located at northeast from kaemari island.

Karachi Seaposrt


The west wharf is located at the southwest from sadder town. Alongside the berths maximum depth is currently 11.3 meters and the wharves are along the upper harbor of the port and are extended in opposite direction of the upper harbor of the port.


West wharf

A deep harbor of the Karachi seaport is 11 kilometers in length and has the maximum capacity of 75,000 tons dead-weight. There was another terminal opened in 1996 at the west wharf berths, named as Karachi international container terminal. All the terminals are facilitated with Panama cranes. The Karachi international terminal has the capacity of handling container ships up to 11 meters draught and has the capacity of handling 300,000 TEUs per annum. In 2002, a new terminal was opened which is known as Pakistan international terminal which has the capacity of handling 350,000 TEUs per annum and container ships up to 11.5-meter draught.

Another Terminal Al-Hamd international terminal was opened in 2001. The facilities also include three liquid cargo berths, two ship repair jetties, shipyard and also one the most important facility is engineering facility which helps in the repairing of heavy machinery and other useful things that are very important for running the Karachi port.

There is also a large shipbuilding hall for ships which is carried by the shipyard. There also some of the most important facilities which are three shipbuilding berths, three foundries and two dry docks. These all facilities makes Karachi port one of the world’s largest port with the help of which our country Pakistan is able to trade with different countries of the world. Country’s most import and export activities are carried out by the port of Karachi.


The history of Karachi Seaport

Karachi port is one of the oldest port in Pakistan which was opened in the early stages of 19th century as mentioned in the start.

Karachi port

It was opened before the independence of Pakistan when there was British Rule in the sub-continent. It  was administrated by the Karachi port trust. British were attracted by the prominence of the port after that British opened a factory  but issues raised on trade as a result that factory was closed. In 1839, Karachi was occupied by British even the whole Sindh. In 1852 Large number of offices, warehouses and companies were opened in Karachi by British where the population increased rapidly in Karachi. At that time, Karachi was a well-established city and a modern port took shape in 1854 which is nowadays known as the port of Karachi or Karachi port.

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