Dreams into Realities | Commitment of Jinnah and our Reponsibility

Lord Pethick-Lawrence said

“Gandhi died by the hands of an assassin; Jinnah died by his devotion to Pakistan”

It was the devotion, commitment and dedication of our leader Jinnah who placed Pakistan on the world map. It was his wise thinking and the decisions which he took to make us an independent state. It was his love with us – the citizens of Pakistan, who he wanted to be proud and speak out loudly with our heads raising towards the sky and morals no lower than others that we are an independent state now.

He not only made us an independent state but also left us with some mindful decisions due to which Pakistan and the citizens sought a way towards development. His efforts were enormous because of him we have the State band of Pakistan, because of him we have our constitution and because of him, individuals of all the religions are free to practice their religion in our nation and are living peacefully.

Jinnah speech

No doubt, immediately after independence we were in need of an assembly and representatives in there but Pakistan was not at all in the position to carry out elections nationwide and choose members to be representatives at the assembly. He simply brought together all those individuals who were elected in 1935 elections held at Sub-Continent but were now at Pakistan and made them the representatives at the assembly, this was an enormous idea which no one had in mind but by doing so he gave Pakistan a gear and four wheels to start moving because this was the assembly which then made the objectives resolution and later on gave us the gift of a complete and professional constitution to live our lives in peace.

Every country needs a state bank to run and monitor the economic system of the nation. In Pakistan, we have The State Bank of Pakistan which also is a gift of Jinnah, which he laid the foundation in 1948.


The reasons behind telling you all about Jinnah and his work for Pakistan is to show that he was a hardworking man and in his mind he must have had a beautiful and prosperous future Pakistan. Unfortunately, he his devotion and his wise decisions are no more with us but we have our nation PAKISTAN and we know about the idea he had in mind, we also know what kind of Pakistan he wanted. So now it’s our responsibility to get devoted to our work, start thinking for the prosperity of our nation and take positive and dedicated steps and renovate Pakistan in all aspects and live happily in peace.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah said

“Failure is a word unknown to me”

If failure was unknown to him then why it should be known to us because we all consider ourselves his followers, it’s pretty obvious that all the individuals of a nation are the followers of their founder.

Even if we put all his attributes aside, we should never forget one of his quality quoted by Abdul Kalam Azad which is a must for us nowadays, due to this we can achieve much more and raise our standards more.

Abdul Kalam Azad said

“Jinnah thinks about every matter with cold mind”

Jinnah a cold minded personality


If we start thinking about everything with cold mind, we can easily achieve the standards and make Pakistan such which Jinnah wanted.Besides this, we should make a hobby of seeing and acting on the quotes of Jinnah and sayings of people about him.

It was a dream of Jinnah to make Pakistan and its people independent, he turned it into reality. After putting Pakistan onto the world map now it was his dream to make Pakistan a developed country like no other, he did a big part of that by laying our foundations and by telling us the right way we should move on. Now it’s our responsibility to move on the way he thought us and make Pakistan more prosperous and seek more development in the coming future.

Besides hard work and dedication there also was another side to Jinnah’s personality, he had a bit of humor in him which can be seen by a small event of his life.

Once he was with a person who didn’t liked him, so he decided to give him a good lesson and make some humor. He asked him if there were two bags on the way, one of them had a lot of money inside it and the other one had wisdom inside which one would he choose. The person replied that he will take wisdom with him and suddenly Jinnah laughed loudly. Now the person asked that why are you laughing at me and which one would you choose. Jinnah replied that he will take money because he has a lot of wisdom and obviously I will choose one that I don’t have. The person was silent at that time and people say that he then became a good friend of Jinnah.

The reason of telling you this event is that we should make ourselves versatile and deal with situations wisely so that we make ourselves happy by not hurting anyone.

Make this an aim and get yourself dedicated towards your work and nation. Let’s change our dreams into realities and live our dreams happily in a new and developed Pakistan.

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