Archeological sites in Pakistan

When we think about the history of the world there are many questions that come to our mind. One of the most common question is that what was the way of living of the people before thousands of years ago, the Ancient civilization answers all these questions. As we know that ancient civilization is considered to be the basis of the world so it has very important role in our lives. There were also many civilizations on the earth many years ago like Mayan, Indus, Egypt and many others from which we learn many things about the ancient civilizations. The things we know about the ancient civilization are primarily through archeology and some written records. There are also some ancient places in Pakistan like Taxila, Mahenjo daro, gandhara, Harappa, Mehar Garh which are known as the archeological sites of Pakistan and also the centers of ancient learning in Pakistan.

Archeological sites



Taxila is one of the archeological sites in pakistan also considered to be a tehsil in Rawalpindi district of punjab province of Pakistan which is 32 km north-west of Rawalpindi and has many things about the ancient world and is the most important archeological site. The hands of taxila has changed many times over the centuries just because of the vying of different empires for ruling it. In 2006 taxila was in the ranking of top tourist destination in Pakistan and the news was also published by the Guardian news, also taxila was considered amongst universities of early stages in the world while in the modern sense most of the people do not consider it as a university. Taxila is also known as Taksasila which means city of cut stones. In 2010 report it was considered by global heritage fund as one of the 12 world wide sites. Taxila is also noted as the ancient learning center for students although the city was destroyed in the 5th century but now it has became the center of interesting ancient learning for the people of Pakistan and also from around the world. The history of many emperors is buried in taxila.


Archeological sites

Mohenjo daro

Mohenjo daro is one of the archeological sites in Pakistan which was built in 2500 BC and was one of the largest and earliest major urban settlements in Indus valley civilization.when ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Crete, and Norte Chico were civilized the Mahenjo daro was abandoned by the people in 19th century as Indus valley civilization was declined. Until 1920s it wasn’t recovered. The Mahenjo daro is situated in Sindh region and because of erosion and improper restoration the site is extremely in bad conditions.

archeological sites


Harappa is one of the archaeological sites in Pakistan and is the capital of indus civilization and is named from the modern village which is located near ravi river. It is 24 km west of sahiwal and the city of Harappa is heavily damaged by British even in today’s era there is also a train station which remained after the migration of British. The population of harapa is 15,000 and is now just a cross-roads town. During the construction of railroad of Lahore in 1857 Harappa was badly damaged and for the first time in history many artifacts were found like bricks of red sand, stones, clay which were baked at very high temperature. The artifacts were reflecting the culture and way of living of the people from early stages who were the citizens of harapa.

Archeological sites

Mehar Garh

Meher garh is one of the archeological sites of Pakistan is also one the most important  Neolithic sites of archeology. The history of Mehar Garh says that farming and herding were two of the most important things in their culture. The location of Meher garh is near Bolan pass.

Archeological sites

It was discovered in 1974 by French archeological team which sent and directed by a French archeologist jean-Francios jarrige. In 1974 it was considered to be a small farming village of the ancient world where after the discovery, 32,000 artifacts were found.


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