Apps of KPK | Convenience of People and Responsiveness of Government

In last 2 years IT in Pakistan is making its place more than ever  especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  people are taking interest in science and technology, Government  is working on providing the best facilities for students to practice their skills and achieve more information about technologies like developing softwares, mobile applications and much more. Institutes like UET peshawar, IM|sciences Peshawar, CECOS Peshawar, FAST Peshawar, COMSATS Abbotabad and GIK Swabi provides better platforms for IT students to show their talent and to study more about IT to implement there skills in future to develop new ideas and technologies. Peshawar 2.0 is a community which is considered as the dream city of technology, design and art. People are also interested in working on android application projects even some of the most amazing android apps are also developed . These apps are type of life changing apps of KPK and are named as ipeshawar, citizens portal, thepeshawar, peshawar, Pashto dictionary offline.


iPeshawar is the first and only android apps of KPK which is easy to use and free available on android playstore . It is a type of offline directory which has contact information of almost every local business in Peshawar followed by the mobile packages of all the cellular companies of Pakistan. There’s also a NEWS portion in this app as it is not just offline, it can also give NEWS online. It is more than what an app is expected to be and is considered in the Top 5 android apps of KPK.

Apps for KPK

Citizens portal

This is another app among the apps of KPK with the help of which a government can become responsive, the purpose of this app is that it allows the citizens of Pakistan to register there complaints about the sectors of service delivery, through this app the complaints can be get forward to the deputy commissioner to take there actions on complaints. One can also upload audios, videos and pictures to support there complaints for proper action. All these qualities makes this app to be considered in Top 5 android apps of KPK.Technology in KPK



 ThePeshawar is one of the Top 5 android apps of KPK and is the most useful app  for the citizens of Pakistan especially for students it is very helpful in providing information about education sector. This is a largest educational portal which provides extensive resources which includes universities/colleges and schools information including there contacts, details for admission, information about result announcement, discussion forum, daily news updates and even it give all information about book shops and academies. The app works online and students can also login to it through facebook to upload and download notes, EBooks, resumes, previous papers and course outlines.Apps for KPK


This app is one of the top 5 android apps of KPK and is one of the most useful app in our daily life having a lot of information about Peshawar city and also known as pakhtoogle. This app have some amazing features like anyone can find information about institutes, emergency numbers, schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, bus stations, banks, Airline offices and Restaurants etc. This app can also give information about the history of KPK, the traditional ways of pukhtoons (pukhtoonwali), and even the best names for new born babies. It has also the feature of radio stations and online Pashto TV. The other most amazing thing about this app is that it gives NEWS about Peshawar, there is also a picture gallery where citizens can also see the best pictures of Peshawar city and even it has the phonetic Pushto keyboard feature which makes this app more special for the citizens of KPK and is considered as the best app from KPK.Apps for KPK

Pashto dictionary offline

This is one of the most helpful app for the citizens of KPK where there is also some people which are not familiar with urdu, not an issue citizens got the English to Pashto dictionary where people can get translation of any English word in Pashto. This dictionary can also translate Pashto words to English, Roman language to Pashto and grammer is also included. This is the home to all Pashto learners with a phonetic Pashto keyboard. It is the not only for the citizens of KPK but for the whole country it is the absolute gem of knowledge and learning Pashto. This app is count as the top 5 apps of KPK because of its features, functionalities and is unique piece of knowledge.Apps for KPK

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