Ranikot Fort|The Great Wall of Sindh

The world knows about the great wall of china which is also one of the wonders of the world but if we focus on our country pakistan we have also a wonder named as Ranikot fort which is one of the world’s largest fort.

Ranikot fort is also known as The Great Wall of Sindh and is one of the historical fort in pakistan.

The Ranikot fort is considered to be the world’s largest fort which has the circumference of 26 kilometers and also listed in world heritage site  since 1993 by UNESCO and also as the fort is one of the archaeological sites so there are many opportunities for archaeologists to carry out there researches and tell the world more about this historical fort.

Ranikot fort

Location of Ranikot fort

Ranikot fort is about 300km away from Karachi, situated near Sann, Jamshoro district of Sindh where most of the people of Pakistan are not aware of this historical fort.

Ranikot fort


Features of Ranikot fort

The fort is 31 kilometers in length and connects several bleak mountains of the kirthar hills.

One of the three sides of Ranikot fort are covered by fort walls where at the northern side of the fort are high hills.

There is also one of the small fort within the main fort known as Meeri and is five to six miles away from the entry gate of the main fort. It is said that it was served by Mir royal family as a palace.

Ranikot fort

River of Sann is crossed by the two gates of Ranikot fort which are facing each other. One of the gate is at western side and is defficult to approach. The other gate is at southern side and has the double doors gate.

The two gates are

Sann Gate

Ranikot fort

Mohan Gate

Ranikot fort


In early stages the fort was in bad condition and in 1812 it was reconstructed by Karam Ali khan Talpur and Mir Murad Ali where the cost of reconstruction was 1.2 billion rupees.

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History of Ranikot fort

There is no information of the architects and the purpose of this fort in the history, although there are some information about ranikot fort that when it was built, it was built during the regime of the Schythians, the Sactarian Greeks or the Sassanians.

Some archeologists also say that it was built in 17th century but still it is not confirm.

The other thing about Ranikot fort which has been written in the history is that when the Battlements of Ranikot were brought under the colonial rule of British empire then they formed the last capital of the Amirs of Sindh.

Ranikot fort

More over the area was ruled by Talpur Mirs of Sindh.


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